Episode 27: Ether 6 – 11

Latter-day Peace Studies presents: Come, Follow Me
Latter-day Peace Studies presents: Come, Follow Me
Episode 27: Ether 6 - 11

Shiloh and Ben continue the discussion of the Jaredite narrative, as we segue from the literary epic of chapters 1 – 6 into the political discussion of the the Jaredite kings. Whereas chapters 1 – 6 denote an allegorical process of repentance in how to come to see God and God’s nature in new, fresh, and more consistent ways, chapters 7 – 11 speak to the fallout in our own lives when we choose to return to our past, refuse to continue emptying the natural man, and consistently rely upon the arm of flesh for our support. There has been much talk by certain leaders of the Church pertaining to political secret combinations and what they might be in our own day. While political secret combinations make for an important discussion, this singular way at looking at “secret combinations” often fails to (1) find relevance in the majority of people’s daily lives (after all, how many people have actually been exposed to explicitly oathbound, secret, murderous societies seeking solely to get wealth and power?), and (2) never fully develops or identifies any meta-narratives that are directly applicable to people’s daily lives, their identity, and that frame and underscore the myths, narratives, and stories of their culture, society, and civilization.

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Shiloh lives in Bakersfield, CA, with his wife and four children. He spent his formative years growing up in Memphis, TN, and graduated from Brigham Young University with dual degrees in philosophy and geography. Shiloh is currently a graduate student at Claremont Graduate University pursuing a PhD in religion (focusing on Mormon Studies). He is the founder of Latter-day Peace Studies and co-produces LDPS Come, Follow Me's weekly podcast.