Episode 39: D&C 14 – 17

Latter-day Peace Studies presents: Come, Follow Me
Latter-day Peace Studies presents: Come, Follow Me
Episode 39: D&C 14 - 17

Shiloh and Ben discuss the Sections in D&C that are directed towards the Whitmers. These Sections, while short, hold a key to understanding the power of asking questions. The questions we ask are highly indicative of the understanding that we possess of how and what we perceive we need. The Lord speaks to us in our language and understanding, and He also answers our questions accordingly. He reveals unto us “line upon line, and precept upon precept,” and we receive that in which are willing and capable of receiving. Notice the different questions that the Whitmers ask and the different answers that they receive. One asks to know his “individual duty,” while the others asked “to know that which would be of the most worth.” In both answers, the Lord is kind, patient, loving, compassionate, and full of grace. What sometimes looks like “template revelations” (i.e., seemingly copy-and-paste revelations) really speaks to the general understanding of these men in their socio-religious environments in their relationship to God. What message did God see that this generation needed to know about the restoration of the gospel to give these similar revelations? Sometimes we assume too much of what these men and women possibly understood individual and as a whole, but if we slow down to reflect on why each verse was given we are not only able to see these men and women more clearly and humbly but the love and grace of God also stand out in the forefront of each revelation.

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Shiloh lives in Bakersfield, CA, with his wife and four children. He spent his formative years growing up in Memphis, TN, and graduated from Brigham Young University with dual degrees in philosophy and geography. Shiloh is currently a graduate student at Claremont Graduate University pursuing a PhD in religion (focusing on Mormon Studies). He is the founder of Latter-day Peace Studies and co-produces LDPS Come, Follow Me's weekly podcast.