Episode 51: D&C 51 – 57

Latter-day Peace Studies presents: Come, Follow Me
Latter-day Peace Studies presents: Come, Follow Me
Episode 51: D&C 51 - 57

Christopher Hurtado joins Ben again this time in a discussion of D&C sections 51-57. The Saints of New York were commanded to move to Ohio and settle on the land of Leman Copley. Leman promised to consecrate the land to the church but later returned to the Shakers and revoked his promise. The Saints were commanded to leave rather than contend for the land. What identities of ours are tied to membership in the church? How do those identities affect our relationships with others? How does this relate to the principle of consecration as the early saints experienced it versus how we may experience it now? What role do ordinances play in our religious experience? How can we develop individually and uniquely in our relationship with God while maintaining the order of the collective modes provided by the church? When the Lord commands the Saints to go to Missouri and settle on the border, what might this mean for the cause of Zion and the purpose of the restoration?

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