Episode 7: Alma 30 – 31

Latter-day Peace Studies presents: Come, Follow Me
Latter-day Peace Studies presents: Come, Follow Me
Episode 7: Alma 30 - 31

Shiloh and Ben discuss the conversation between Alma and Korihor, Korihor’s teachings, and how Alma sees that all of creation denotes the existence of God. Alma is seeking to give Korihor an experience with God, whereas Korihor is looking for rational proof that — in itself — will never lead to true conversion and the experience of just sitting with and being enveloped in the love of God. Through this story we can also begin to see different ways of viewing God from transactional and transformative ways. In chapter 31, the Zoramites pray from the Rameumptom in glory of their separation from those less spiritual, as Alma prays to God to unify all people in the glory of God.

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Shiloh lives in Bakersfield, CA, with his wife and four children. He spent his formative years growing up in Memphis, TN, and graduated from Brigham Young University with dual degrees in philosophy and geography. Shiloh is currently a graduate student at Claremont Graduate University pursuing a PhD in religion (focusing on Mormon Studies). He is the founder of Latter-day Peace Studies and co-produces LDPS Come, Follow Me's weekly podcast.